Steven Toss - Bio

About Steve Toss

Steve has had a very successful career in the corporate world rising to leadership levels as a result of his thought leadership, strategic thinking, focus, drive for results and most importantly, his endless determination for personal growth and development.  Steve was a Vice President of a Fortune 100 company until he retired after more than 25 years of service.  During that period, Steve led many departments and was responsible for the career growth and development of dozens of associates.  Steve was also a member of the organization’s Mentoring Steering Committee, Reverse Mentoring Steering Committee and Talent Council.

Steve also has multiple associations with prominent universities where he serves as an Advisor to their business school program and curriculum.

Steve describes his passion as “helping others achieve their full potential for ultimate success and happiness.”  Steve uses a unique combination of skills, techniques and experiences to help others develop the necessary self-confidence, motivation and skills to achieve success and happiness.

Steve’s gained his coaching certificate through the Jay Shetty Coaching Certification School accredited through the Association for Coaching, European Mentoring and Coaching Council and the Canadian Training Accreditation Certification Organization.  Steve is also a certified personal training accredited through the American Council on Exercise.  Steve acquired his bachelor’s degree from Pace University and a Master’s Degree from St. John’s University.

Steve is happily married to his wife Eva and the very proud father of four adult children.  Steve currently resides in Monroe Township, New Jersey.