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Start creating the future you want and love. Together we got this! 
“I’m not telling you it’s going be easy - I am telling you it’s going to be worth it.” Art Williams

Hi, I'm Greg Wheeler, and I am passionate about helping you stop being scared, unhappy, hurt, angry, frustrated, indecisive, sad, trapped, and feeling alone in a relationship(s) and life. I want you, your children (if you have them) and yes, your partner to learn how to start moving forward, to create happier, healthier, and more love-filled lives and to have the life and relationships you want and love.

I have been there. I successfully worked through a divorce and bankruptcy, raised four children as a single dad, multiple jobs and career changes, and the healing of my relationships, family, and myself, with training and via the school of hard knocks. My four kids are amazing young adults who are all quite different, and helping to raise them is my greatest achievement.

I became a Transformative Relationship Expert, Divorce and Life coach, Author, Presenter, and Mentor, so you do not have to do it the hard way.

My promise is my unwavering commitment to helping you:
  • Rebuild and up-level your relationship to a deeper partnership of trust, connection, fun, and love.
  • Have a Conscious Uncoupling with understanding and to create the best possible "Living Happily Even After" for all involved instead of contentious, litigious, unhealthy, and expensive divorce.
  • Call a great love into your life by; clearing away your obstacles and blocks to love, putting the law of attraction to work for you, beginning to create your best life to meet your best partner, and to start Calling In "The One."
  • Become the best possible Single Dad, Single Mom, co-parent, and caregiver for your child or children by learning about and how to "Always do what's best for your kids because that's best for you."
  • Overcome your blocks, limits, and fears to enable and empower you to move forward through your life and career changes with greater ease, grace, speed, and success.
Together we can transform your life's challenges and breakdowns into powerful breakthroughs in living. My combination of certifications as a Conscious Uncoupling, Calling In "The One," and life coach with over 30+ years of experience have produced successful outcomes. I confidently deliver transformative, life-changing, and self-mastery guidance that helps you to heal yourself from the inside out and start creating the future you want and love.

Let's start your journey.


Cell: 609-225-0736