Grace Asagra Stanley - Bio

Grace Asagra, RN, HN-BC, MA in HAS, QRA Practitioner, author: The Healing Dance: A Fusion of Massage and Asian Healing Arts, Host, Podcast: Quantum Nurse: Out of the Rabbit Hole from Stress to Bliss.

With Grace’s science background as a seasoned Registered Nurse and her immersion in her family’s practice in indigenous medicine in the Philippines, she powerfully blends pre-ancient Indigenous/Ancestral healing practices, conventional Western medicine and Quantum Energy Science in upgrading our DNA to reclaim it’s original blueprint connected to the Source. She came a full circle in her nursing training and experiences from community nursing in the Philippines using herbal treatments, food medicine and rituals to Critical Care Nursing of 20 years and now back to Public Health Nursing working with clients diagnosed with Dementia and their caregivers.

In her practice, the pre- ancient ancestral wisdom is brought forth as primary source for health restoration interwoven in the experiential knowledge that consciousness is the foundation of everything. Grace can help you realize your best self, be kind and mindful, reclaim good health, have the energy and empowerment to excel and optimize the unlimited potentials in your precious life. Her individually tailored programs achieve this through nutrition, lifestyle and behavior changes that manifests meaningful and healing experiences authentic for you so you be healthier, happier and peaceful. All this will come together in all your relationships.

When you make that choice to embrace Alternative Energy Medicine & Holistic Healthcare for longevity, Grace will co-create with you to reclaim your gut health, have good sleep support and experience exuberant energy to live your life to the fullest. Her favorite mantra is THANK YOU, IT’S ALL GOOD. DON’T LET ANYTHING OR ANYONE TAKE THE JOY OUT OF YOUR LIFE.