Clifford Wubbenhorst - Bio

Hi. I am Clifford Wubbenhorst General Manager at Americana Business Group. We help business owners improve their business credit thereby getting maximum loans at favorable rates. 

What is business credit?  Most small business owners do not know about business credit. This is essentially a second credit profile based on the business’ ability to pay not the business owners personal credit profile. Our program walks you through all the steps that are designed to maximize the business’ credit profile. We are perfect for startups as well as existing businesses. 

I have a BS Degree in Accounting from Rutgers University and an MBA in Finance from St John’s University. I spent more than 30 years at Schering Plough In the International Division Financial Planning and Analysts. 

Website: University of Business Credit

Cell Phone: 609-664-1998
Business:    908-838-9225